Sunday, January 12, 2014

The unknown is now known... and has been for months sorry for the delay


That is where I will be spending the next 27 months of my life. Starting February 10th of 2014.
Yes, that's right 4 weeks from now! I have already been medically cleared and have received my airplane ticket via Peace Corps staging. Now all that I have to do is catch everyone up on the days since I last posted on this site which was in April of last year... Well here we go!

May- I received notification from PC that I would not be leaving in Sept. of 2013 but later, I responded with an emphatic OK! Whatever you guys want I'll wait forever if i must! ... Yeah something like that. On a personal note I spent May in OKC and saw a live Thunder game and climbed some rocks, helped team lift a fallen climber down from the incline to be air-lifted to the hospital, he was OK thankfully. Props to Oklahoma extraction team for such an awesome job!!

June- I did nothing

August- I did nothing.... Until I got my invitation to Tanzania!!! Then I freaked out for a while. Immediately after receiving my invitation (while continuing to freak out) I accepted the invitation.
I continued to do paperwork for all of August and then started my job as a substitute teacher.

September/October- Lots of doctor,dentist, and immunization appointments. My arm felt like it was going to fall off after all of the times it was prodded by the needles. I also had my 23rd birthday somewhere in this time. Also went on the most ridiculous Cruise of my life.

November until Present day January- Holidays, mixed in with some Peace Corps stuff I'm honestly just getting tired of typing and thus will stop relaying information of this time period because it doesn't really matter.... Because I'm going to Tanzania and will have all sorts of awesome shit to talk about then!

Hopefully I will update this more but no promises.

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