Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caution: I use the word Fuck in this one.

Hold on kids this one's about to get bumpy.

Fuck Yeah!

Just got a message back from the Peace Corp medical office. I'm so healthy I went right through the pre-medical screening process and straight to placement! The level of excitement in my life/ mainly in my head right now is ridiculous! Now all I have to do is wait for my invitation.... Wait a second did I just say wait as in wait longer?

Yes. But I'm getting better at it, obviously you readers can't tell this, but I am...... Trust me.

Now to tell my Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandparents, and Alaska!


  1. I am both honored to be in your blog, and totally crazed with jealousy that you passed through so easily. I'm hung up on a few forms, but apparently I'm "in the pile to be reviewed," which in my imagination is at least 300 feet tall and being sorted by a very bored man in a tie.

  2. Hahaha this made me laugh so hard. Hopefully that very bored man is also a very productive man in a tie. I'm sure you're going to get through soon. Keep me updated!

  3. So now that PC Wiki is down, I am like a lifeboat, adrift in an ocean of woe and angst. WOE AND ANGST! But I have now added a new country to my "omg if I don't get sent there I may lose my shit" list: Macedonia! While apparently also leaves mid-September. So we shall see!