Monday, February 25, 2013

Meanwhile in Tallahassee...

     I haven't really had any desire to blog as of late but due to the persistence of a friend I believe that the time has come for me to blog for the second official time ever! (wait for applause to finish). So recently I have been talking with a fellow Future PCV*  (She knows who she is) but we will call her Alaska. Anyhow we have been talking as of late on almost every aspect of Peace Corp imaginable. She recently had talked to a Returned PCV from Morocco and relayed the information to me.


I mean this in the best way of course. There is no greater adventure than the one that awaits me across the world in a village that I do not even know the name of yet! Hearing stories only whets your appetite when you are in the Limbo period of wait after your nomination for the PC. The amount of excitement that I have and the amount of not knowing shit about any future shit that I also have obtained, have joined together to give me RAS or Restless Applicant Syndrome. This is a well documented case of checking the mailbox 3 times a day checking email upwards of 12 times a day and yelling at your status to change from nominated to anything else to give you hope, however it's really not that bad.... Yet

In all seriousness though I am excited about my future and can't wait until I know more information about it. The process that I have already been through has taught me quite a bit about myself as well as made me some awesome new friends.

Until next time.

*Peace Corp Volunteer for all of you who are reading this blog who aren't obsessing about future Peace Corp Service.

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