Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Testing.... Testing

     Well here I am writing my first blog.... Feels weird but I was told it was a good idea to start now that way I will get the hang of it by the time I am sent to god knows where to live for 27 months. Oh yeah, I just recently have been nominated for Peace Corp service (these views are my own and do not reflect that of the U.S. government or the peace corp) official statement to come just thought I would throw that in to cover my bases.
     Anyhow a little about me, I'm 22 and I'm graduating from the great Florida State University in May with my B.S. in Political Science, I then plan to leave for the peace corp in September of this year. I was nominated September 2013 departure date to work in the Health sector! More excitement to come, also I hope this is my dullest blog because as of yet I do not feel like I have entertained you reader(s). The S is added to make myself feel as if more than just my mother is reading this. Hi Mom! 
And now I'm done blogging.... how do I end this? ....... The end.

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  1. Seriously, no updates? Your blog is nearly as disappointing as the peace corps when they don't have any updates for me!!